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Tips to Enjoy Your Visit

Make the BEST of your visit!

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Prohibited items:

Check the weather:

Florida weather in February and March is world-famous for its balmy, tropical conditions, but can change quickly. Check ahead on whether you need to bring sunscreen, a hat, a sweater, or a poncho.

didn't dress for the weather?:

We have Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Rain Ponchos and more for sale in our Guest Services Booth at the front gate.


Illegal Firearms, Knives, Fireworks, Drones, Selfie Sticks, and Illegal Drugs.
You may not bring in your own alcohol.
There is NO LOITERING in the parking lots.


There is ample complimentary parking most days of the Fair. Parking is FREE!

Wheelchair and Stroller rentals:

Sorry, not available this year. Our previous provider has retired.

Wear comfortable shoes:

With 250 acres to cover, there is plenty of walking. We have umbrellas and many sitting areas for your convenience.

Credit cards & ATM’s:

MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted at all admission gates and designated midway ticket booths. ATM machines are available at multiple locations. Check with Guest Services for more information.

Baby Changing Stations:

Facilities are located in most men’s and women’s restrooms on the fairgrounds.

Remember your medication:

If you have a medical condition that requires medication, be sure to bring what you need with you. Refrigeration of prescription drugs is not available on the grounds.

Daily schedules:

Guest Services booth is stocked with daily event schedules, complete with show times and Fair information. If you are tech savvy, find a Schedule QR Code and get all the information you need on your phone!


The Lost Children’s Office is located at the Guest Services booth to the right of the main gate. When you get to the Fair, it’s a good idea to select a meeting place in the event your party becomes separated. One tip is to select a tall, brightly colored ride on the carnival midway. Take a photo of your child at the gate of the fair so if he/she is lost you have a recent photo in the clothing he/she is wearing that day.

Lost & Found Items:

If you’ve lost an item during your visit, all unattended property will be safely guarded at the Guest Services booth. Their phone number is 772-429-2215.

Bring your appetite:

The St. Lucie County Fair is famous for its wide array of delectable food treats. From barbecue to elephant ears, there is nothing like Fair food! With over 55 food joints to choose from, you're sure to satisfy your fair food cravings.
Thirsty? There are lots of free water fountains throughout the fairgrounds. Bottled water and Pepsi products can also be purchased.

Wash your Hands! Prevent disease!:

Wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the animals and assist your children in washing their hands. The Fair has hand-washing stations available near all hands-on animal exhibit areas. Don't forget to check out our famous petting zoo!

Questions? Call the fair office! 772-464-2910

For Your Safety

The St. Lucie County Fair DOES NOT allow the following items to be brought onto the fairgrounds:
Illegal firearms /weapons
Leave your pets at home please.
Explosive devices or fireworks
Outside alcoholic beverages
Drones are not allowed
Selfie Sticks
GoPro cameras are NOT allowed on RIDES
No outside coolers or food
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