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About James E. Strates Shows!

Join The Carnival (just for the day)

Celebrating 100 years, Strates Shows has provided safe affordable Family Fun presented in a world-class carnival midway. With a variety of Kiddieland rides to spectacular and super-spectacular attractions, there’s something for everyone on the Strates Shows Midway.

Signature rides on the midway include the 33-meter Holland Wheel with its colorful LED lighting, is the most prominent sight on the midway, and the Venetian Double Deck Carousel, a one-of-a-kind Merry Go Round found on no other midway in the United States.

So, run off and join the carnival (just for the day)! Come visit the James E. Strates Shows® Midway at the St. Lucie County Fair!


ALL Carnival rides are inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS) before opening every day. Strates Shows is a member of The OABA Circle of Excellence. Carnivals that go through the Quality Assessment audit successfully are awarded our Circle of Excellence. These recipients must go through future audits to maintain this designation.

Ride safety info:




Before going to the fair, we highly recommend that you check the height requirements our our attractions using our Measure Up Tool. There are height signs at every ticket box and each ride has a required height to ride.


Below is a list of general rules that can help make your day at any carnival, fair, or amusement park even safer.

  • KEEP hands, arms and legs inside ride at all times.
  • USE safety equipment such as a seat belt, shoulder harness or lap bar when provided.
  • STAY in ride until it comes to a complete stop.
  • READ posted rules.
  • OBSERVE age, height and weight restrictions.
  • FOLLOW instructions of ride operator.


Check the SKY before you BUY --- There are no refunds for tickets bought in advance or at the venue for weather related issues.

Carnival History

Strates Shows has a history dating back to 1923 when James E. Strates, a Greek immigrant, began his first show. Mr. Strates came to America in 1909 and, like many immigrants, worked at a number of odd jobs. In 1919, he joined a carnival athletic show as a wrestler taking on all challengers. In 1923, James E. Strates acquired Southern Tier Shows and in 1932 changed its name to James E. Strates Shows. Mr. Strates continued to build and manage the carnival until his death in 1959. At that time his son, E. James Strates, assumed responsibility for the carnival and still operates it today.

Since 1959, many changes have occurred in the carnival business. E. James Strates has been an innovator from the beginning, bringing many firsts to the amusement business such as cooperative promotions, advance ticket sales and a centralized ticket system. In our technological society, the animals and rare "freak shows" have become a thing of the past. Today, fairgoers are more attracted to large spectacular thrill rides. To continue its growth, Strates Shows stays abreast of the market through continued research and by investing in the newest, most advanced equipment in the industry.

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