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Our History

The first Fair meeting was held on July 23, 1964. Mr. Chuck Padrick, the Chairman, presented a certified copy of the official charter. Charter members included:
  • John R King, Presiden
  • W. G. Padrick, Vice President
  • Jerry L. Smith, Secretary
  • Hugh C. Whelchel, Treasure
Members included:
L.R. Becker, Marguerite Brock, Reuben Carlton, Warren Clausen, Phillip C. Gates, Marcus A. Giger, Walter Hebb, O.R. Minton, JR Peeler, J. Max O'Neill, Edger C. Register, Marjorie Silver Alder, Thomas L. Sloan, John Wetmore, Peter White, Vernon L. Williams

The first Fair was held on February 25th of 1966. Deggeller Attractions was the first midway operator. The first Fair Queen (1969) was Dru Hilson. Contestants wore gingham outfits every day. This tradition carried on until 1985 when Patricia Hardman was elected Fair Queen.

The Fair was outgrowing its original location at the airport and purchased 250 acres on Midway Road in 1996. St Lucie County Commissioners voted to create a partnership with the Fair Association and construction began in 2001 of the new Fairgrounds. In 2003, the Fair was presented at its new location. New building sponsors and construction companies, included Peter W. Busch Family Foundation, Sunrise Kiwanis Club, and Tommy Hawkins and Sons.

Great growth has occurred ever since, and we are very grateful to everyone who makes this Fair possible.
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