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ALL entertainment FREE with gate admission!!

Rodeo - Wide Open PRCA Rodeo

Two days only!
Friday and Saturday
February 23 & 24 at 7:30 pm
Kick-off opening weekend with the 2-day PRCA Wide Open Rodeo! Get to the Adam's Ranch Arena early as this is always a full house!! Be there!!!....Rodeo is FREE with your gate admission!

The CRASH Demolition Derby

Saturday, March 2 @ 6:00 PM!
Be sure and get there early!! These seats fill up fast!! Watch as the drivers compete to see who lasts the longest!! You never know who you might know that takes on this big challenge!

Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik

All 10 days!
Mark will be performing every day on the Hometown News Center Stage. You won't want to miss his shows--new skits will have you rolling with laughter. You never know... you could get picked to "go under".
Great entertainment for all ages!!

BMX Trickstars

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All 10 Days!

Prepare to be amazed by this thrilling stunt show. Featuring the youngest BMX Star in the business! Find them on Garber Way.
Rob Nolli has over 38 years experience in the BMX industry, 30 years professional. He has performed in all 50 states and 11 counties, touring for companies such as GT Bicycle’s ,Giant Bicycles, ASA Entertainment, Walt Disney World, Hoffman Bikes and many more.

High Flying Pages Circus

Excitement soaring high above your head and at blurring speeds right before your eyes! Featuring America’s premier Flying Trapeze troupe taking to the sky! Spectators will be on the edge on their seat as they race motorcycles inside the confines of the Globe Of Death. Watch famous acrobats fly through the air from the Russian Swing, performing stunts in midair before landing in a net!

Complete with comic relief from leading comedy acts and more, the High Flying Pages Thrill Show is a production fit for any size event wanting to draw large crowds and entertain the entire family.

Rockit the Robot!!

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All 10 Days!
Standing at 9 feet 3 inches, he's big, he's bright and he will be hard to miss!! Rockit will be strolling or truckin' all around the fairgrounds everyday of the fair. He is also a great photo op!! See event schedule for specific times and places!!

Doc's balloon magic

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Monday to Sunday!

Find Doc roaming the grounds starting Monday Feb 26 - Mar 3. He is a true slight of hand magician and One-Of-A-Kind Balloon Animal maker!

Lew-E's Comedy Circus

All 10 Days!
Back by popular demand....a great show dedicated to the younger ones but adults enjoy too! Lew-E will get you dancing and singing along every show!!


All 10 Days!
Absolutely! A top fair favorite. Watch them race all 10 days of the fair. Your pig just might win. When you hear the bugle, get yourself down by the community building and enjoy the race.

Show Me Safari Petting Zoo

One of the most popular shows at the fair....3-5 shows daily. If your pig is the winner you get a prize too!! Located by the Community building and the Small Animal Barn. Don't miss this one!

Pretty Bird Paradise

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Pretty Bird Paradise is a fun and educational interactive-all-day attraction. Guests can actually interact with these beautiful birds in a safe enclosed environment.

Guests get the opportunity to feed the birds with food sticks which allow the birds to come and land on them and have a tasty snack. This experience is open up to 12 hours per day.

Fun Fact: Most of the birds are rescue birds.


Putt Putt Golf with an Ag Twist. 1st Time this is being used anywhere! Light up holes. Fun for the whole family! This attraction is for "open play all day". And be on the lookout for several Putt Putt Tournaments where you can win prizes!

Red Dragon Laser Tag

Free for all to play...get a little exercise and have fun doing it... See event schedule for specific times.

The Nouveaux Honkies Band

Both Weekends!
Fabulous grooves on the Center Stage! If you enjoy the fiddle this is the show for you.

Fritzy Brothers One Man Circus

All 10 Days!
It is fun time for all when you meet up with Fritzy, or one of his 13 persona's...great photo opps for both kids and adults!
Find him Unicycling, Fritzcycle, juggling, 4-Legged man, Charlie Chaplin, Stilt walking, Schmoozalino Valentino Lombardo on gondola, Herbie the soda jerk nerd, fire eating, Buster T-Bone Cowboy character, & Fritzy the clown. See daily schedule for specific times and areas.

The Plant Guy!

plant guy, guy plant, guy covered in leafs
All 10 Days!
Never seen before!! He's got great "roots". He'll make your green with envy. The plant guy can pop up anywhere. Great family entertainment for all ages!!
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