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NEW THIS YEAR - The sensory room is available for individuals with ASD and related disabilities including learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, or sensory impairments. It provides the ability to utilize the space to de-escalate in a safe environment. Individuals will be able to take a break in a quiet, air-conditioned space that includes a matted floor, calming lights projected on the wall, relaxing sounds, seating, and interactive activities. The sensory room can accommodate up to six guests. Individuals will be able to access the sensory room for up to fifteen minutes at a time so that the room can remain available for anybody that needs to take a break and relax before continuing to enjoy their time at the Fair.
The Sensory Room is located in the Kiwanis Building (with school displays), and is open during the operating hours of the Fair.

Sponsored by the Center for Autism and St Lucie Children's Services Council.
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