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Looking for a fun way to give back to your community? Close down the office and come "work" for us! We only have four paid employees at the fair, everyone else is VOLUNTEER! Wear your company shirts while you volunteer with us, make an impact with the 120,000 people that visit us!


We always need help:
  • Home Arts - Checking in art entries
  • Home Arts - Setting up exhibits
  • Home Arts - Judging exhibits
  • Home Arts - Doing demonstrations (baking, sewing, cooking, nutrition, etc)
  • Front/Back Gates - checking/taking tickets, giving information
  • Tram drivers - Large farm tractors
  • Bankers/Accountants - Help count money, reconcile cashiers and more!
  • Wear company branded shirts!
  • Thank you message on our social media!
  • Free admission to the fair! I
  • In need of bilingual volunteers for gate and guest services!

Volunteer Application

Thank You for your interest in volunteering at our Fair. The St Lucie County Fair Association is a mostly volunteer 501c3 non-profit. Established in 1965, we have been providing extraordinary family fun experiences to our communities all around us. We are the LARGEST EVENT in the 4 counties around us and appreciate your willingness to jump in and lend a hand.
Please complete the form below and we will get back to you straight away.

Personal Information

Terms & Conditions. MANDATORY - Please read before checking the box

What would you like to help with? Check as many boxes as you like.

Set-up and take down the arts/exhibits, judge, etc
Assisting / Escort Acts, etc.
Manning Gates, Unlocking Bldgs, etc
Monitor Kids play in the Zone
Contests, give prizes, organize contestants
Assist Fairgoers, sell Fair merchandise
Assist Fairgoers get their MegaPasses
Assist our VIP's with food , seating, security
I'm flexible, so...

What is your availability? The Fair is open 2/23 to 3/3. 4pm to 10 weekdays, Noon to Mid weekends

Do you have a specific thing you want to help with?

Do you have any physical requirements?

For example:
  • Can't stand long
  • Need golf cart assistance to get around
  • Can't drive at night
  • Scheduled medication needs

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