2022 St Lucie County Fair is Friday, February 25 - Sunday, March 6th! Presale tickets start December 1st, 2021
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General Information

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The St. Lucie County Fair is chartered under Florida State Statues, Chapter 616 as a County Fair serving residents of St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, and Okeechobee counties.The fair is dedicated to promoting the agricultural, horticultural, industrial, creative arts and sciences, and educational opportunities while providing quality entertainment for the people of the Treasure Coast. The St. Lucie County Fair currently welcomes only 4-H or FFA youth 8-18 to show livestock. Beef Breeding and the Goat show have additional eligibility for "Open Show" youth participants please refer to the livestock premium book for further details.

The Fair welcomes any and all support from individuals and businesses who wish to help the Fair fully realize its goals to serve our residents and to promote our great county.

The Fair Association is recognized as a 501(C)-3 nonprofit educational organization by the

Federal Government and the State of Florida.

2021-2022 Livestock Committee

Starting left to right bottom row-
Brandon Stubbs, Jason Rivas, Christ Russakis, Dr. Brett Adams, CJ Crouch, Ethan Brooks, Amber McSwain, Ann Green, Cindi Russakis, Jackie Adams, Audra Macon and Eric Macon. Missing - Doug Swartz, LeeAnn Black, Brady Bond, Natasha Rivas, Leanne Harriman, Bernadine Russakis, Mary Beth Becton, Danny Baumker, Dalton Hamrick, David Lounds, Joe Payne, Erin Rosskopf, Bill Crawford, Dana Ward and Dru Thompson.

Market Swine

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Market Swine Shows: a judged event or display where pigs compete to win various titles in each category. Pigs are scored on their market quality which includes muscle, fat, and body structure along with qualities they must possess for their specific breed. Other names for a pig show include swine show and hog show.


Grand Champion Kaleighan Chancey
Reserve Champion Morgan Drawdy
Class 1 Shelby Carlton
Class 2 Rylinn Day
Class 3 Cadence Heierman
Class 4 Allison Goldsmith
Class 5 Dylan Rocky
Class 6 BriannaTapia
Class 7 Lilly Farrar
Class 8 Mia Wheeler
Class 9 Madison Phillips
Class 10 Lauren Drawdy
Class 11 Keith Chancey
Class 12 Mallory Steele
Class 13 Kaleighan Chancey
Class 14 Taylor Gates
Class 15 Tatum Roop
Class 16 Morgan Drawdy
Herdsman 1st place 2nd place
----------- Jeremiah Counterman William Russakis
Showmanship 1st place 2nd place
JR I Lyla King Rylinn Day
JR II Mya Drawdy Mallory Steele
SR I Morgan Drawdy Lauren Drawdy
SR II Mia Wheeler Casey Gudger
Grooming 1st place 2nd place
JR I Kendyl Adkison Qynn Adams
JR II Lilly Farrar Kaleighan Chancey
SR I Hannah Steele Lauren Drawdy
SR II Bryce Borland Casey Gudger
Record Books 1st place 2nd place
JR I Easton Moran Lyla King
JR II Mason Moran Victoria Townsell
SR I Peyton Gray Sydney Swartzel
SR II Mia Wheeler Tatiana Gonzalez
Farm Bureau Paisley Perrman

Market Steers


Market Steer Shows: a judged event or display where steers compete to win various titles in each category. Steers are scored on their market quality which includes muscle, fat, and body structure along with qualities they must possess for their specific breed.


Grand Champion Makayla Keeney
Reserve Champion Kelsey Grace
Quad County Grand Brooke Adams
Quad County Reserve William Guettler
Class 1 Nayeli Fernandez
Class 2 Elizabeth Rufo
Class 3 Siddalee King
Class 4 Marissa Keeney
Class 5 Allison Kohler
Class 6 Yesmin Rodriguez
Class 7 Kelsey Grace
Class 8 Makayla Keeney
Weight Gain 1st place 2nd place
----------- Jaden Pizzaro Paige Cruse
Herdsman 1st place 2nd place
----------- Lilly Crawford Jaden Pizzaro
Showmanship 1st place 2nd place
JR Karsen King Alyssa Coppack
SR I Andrew Wilson Paige Cruse
SR II Allison Kohler Makayla Keeney
Grooming 1st place 2nd place
JR Marissa Keeney Alyssa Coppack
SR I Paige Cruse Elizabeth Rufo
SR II Makayla Keeney AllisonKohler
Record Books 1st place 2nd place
JR II Marissa keeney Danilynn Bishop
Cattlewomens Award Karsen King
Farm Bureau Griffin Cruse
Carcas 1st Place 2nd Place
Caleigh Pressley Paige Cruse



Goat Shows: Goats need to be a good weight and muscle definition. A lot of times it is necessary to feed your goat more or less in the weeks leading up to the show to get them in prime condition. The goat should have some muscle definition in its back, legs, and flanks. The judge should also be able to feel the goat's ribs. The goat should not have a visible belly. There are various classes of breeds and types please refer to the livestock premium book for further descriptions.


Grand Champion Dairy Goat Dairy Goat Paisley Jones
Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Gabriella Madena
Grand Champion Dairy Goat Meat Goat Karly Hamrick
Reserve Champion Meat Goat Dylan Hamrick
Grand Champion Wether Goat Morgan Vaughn
Reserve Champion Wether Goat Karly Hamrick
Nigerian Dwarf 0 - 12 months Garrett Posten
Nigerian Dwarf 13 - 24 months Gabriella Madena
Nigerian Dwarf 25 - 35 months Annsley Sugg
Nigerian Dwarf Division Winner Gabriella Madena
Toggenburg Division Winner Paisley Jones
Oberhalsi Division Winner Kaiden Sorenson
Nubian Does 0 - 12 months Paisley Tinney
Nubian Does 13 - 24 months Does 13 - 24 24 months Savannah Ward
Nubian Does under 30 months Karsen King
Nubian Division Winner Karsen King
Wether Goats 25 to 70 pounds to 70 pounds Blayze Luster
Wether Goats 80 to 115 pounds Karly Hamrick
Wether Goats 120 - 155 pounds MorganVaughn
Boer Does 0 - 12 months Paisley Jones
Boer Does 13 - 24 months MorganVaughn
Boer Does 25 months up Karly Hamrick
Herdsman 1st Place 2nd Place
Jacob Sugg Macy Phillips
Record Books 1st Place 2nd Place
JR 1 Sadie Buxton Annsley Sugg
JR 2 Karley Hamrick Karsen King
SR Nayeli Fernandez Elexis Hopper
Showmanship 1st Place 2nd Place
Caprine Daniella Medina Dylan Hamrick
Junior 1 Sadie Buxton Annsley Sugg
Junior 2 Karsen King MorganVaughn
Senior Paisley Jones Karly Hamrick
Farm Bureau Annsley Sugg

Small Animal Barn


Guinea Pigs: are also known as cavies (ka--ve-z), and are known as such in the exhibition arena. Fur and Feather included information on cats, birds, rabbits, poultry, cavies, and mice, indicating that not just cats were popular as pets.
Poultry Show: Every bird will be taken out of the cage to be examined, so it helps if your bird is relaxed and can be handled by the judge. Cage training before the show can help to acclimate your birds to being handled. Most serious fanciers will keep their birds indoors in ‘penning sheds’, especially white feathered breeds to avoid sunlight, grass and mud. Keep male and female birds separately and make sure there is no bullying going on as a few feathers pecked out in the wrong place can spoil the perfect bird.
Rabbit Show: Every rabbit will be displayed and judged with its owner. Awards are according to breeds.
Showmanship: Each exhibitor will be judged on showmanship. This judging is only on the exhibitor, how well the animal is presented to the judge.



A horse show is a judged exhibition of horse and riders. Some shows are categorized by breed or open to all. These events are judged on conformation (the shape or structure of an animal) of a horse as well as performance. Most shows consist of a series of different performances, called classes, wherein a group of horses with similar training or characteristics compete against one another for awards and, often, prize money.

Beef Breeding

Beef Breeding animals are used only for breeding stock. You will see many breeds of bulls, heifers and cows. Many are used locally for breeding purposes. Judges will discuss the pros and cons of the animal according to its breeding standards.
Stop by the show and learn some information on breed animals.
Friday February 26, 6:30pm or Saturday, February 27, 12:30pm for the Junior Beef Show.


Grand Champion Heifer Makayla Keeney Paige Cruse
Grand Champion Bull Karsen King Brooke Adams
Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Reed Blankenbaker Gavin Musser
Class 1 Lauren Drawdy
Class 2 Brooke Adams
Class 3 Karsen King
Class 4 Lauren Drawdy
Class 5 Kelsey Grace
Class 6 Makayla Keeney
Class 7 Makayla Keeney
Class 8 Kelsey Grace
Class 9 Gavin Musser
Class 10 Lena Shingledecker
Herdsman 1st place 2nd place
----------- Sophie Rufo Brooke Adams
Showmanship 1st place 2nd place
JR Karsen King Sophie Rufo
SR I Paige Cruse Lauren Drawdy
SR II Makayla Keeney Kelsey Grace
Grooming 1st place 2nd place
JR Danilynn Bishop Marissa Keeney
SR I Paige Cruse Lauren Drawdy
SR II Nayeli Fernandez Makayla Keeney
Record Books 1st place 2nd place
JR I Lyla King Sophie Rufo
JR II Marissa Keeney Marissa Keeney
SR I Paige Cruse Sydney Swartzel
SR II Kelsey Grace Makayla Keeney
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