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Fair Queen

Contest is Wednesday, February 23rd at 7pm

  • Wednesday, February 23rd
  • 7:00pm
  • Hometown News Center Stage in front of the Adams Arena
  • Please enter through back gate off Peacock Rd.
  • The public is welcome to this event.
  • Free Admission

Congratulations Emma Chancey - 2021 SLC Fair Queen


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Emma, Daylyn & Lily!

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Contest Information

2022 St Lucie County Fair Queen Application

All contestants must be currently enrolled in a
St. Lucie County School and in 9th, 10th or 11th grade.

This contest is NOT a beauty pageant. We are looking for girls that have good moral character, an outgoing personality who are involved in our community along with an agricultural background.

The Queen will attend the functions during the Fair for all ten days and several events throughout their reigning year. The Court will accompany her when she deems necessary.

The Fair Queen’s main priority is to the St. Lucie County Youth Livestock Program. Some of her duties require her to take pictures during our livestock award ceremonies and sale pictures. This includes but not limited to pigs, steers, and goats.

The Fair Queen and Court are required to follow the St. Lucie County Youth Livestock’s dress code while attending the St. Lucie County Fair and other Fair related events unless otherwise stated.

Carefully review the application regulations and deadlines. We are looking for individuals that would be proud to represent this county. We look forward to meeting all applicants.

Contest attire is:

Long jeans, long sleeve button down shirt, belt, and closed toe boot style shoes.

Contestants may wear cowboy hats but be aware if you win you may need to take it off to put your crown on.

Judging Procedure

Judges will receive and review all applications prior to the contest. If there is a need for a tiebreaker, the application score will be used to determine a winner.

Preliminary - Each category is worth 20%.

  • Application
  • Participation
  • First Impression
  • Stage Presence
  • Question and Answer

Semi Finalist- During the Semi Finalist round all other scores start at zero.

  • Stage Presence
  • Question and Answer
Application Deadline Thursday, January 27, 2022 at Midnight

Application Tips, Suggestions and Reminders

  • Type or neatly hand write application.
  • Make sure the 100 word minimum essay is thought out and makes since. Have it proof read.
  • Double check grammar and spelling on complete application.
  • List everything that is applicable
  • Simple as “that you attend the fair.”
  • The more the information you include the better. This will make the judges feel as if they know who you are as person before the contest.
  • Remember, this is not a beauty contest. We tell the judges that we are looking for young girls that have good moral character, personality, community involvement and a agricultural background. The more they know about you as a person the better.

You do not need to have any involvement in the fair to be a contestant. Your involvement can be as that you attend the fair. The application will be judged as part of this contest. It comes out to be 20% of the preliminary score. This will be the judge’s first impression of you. Some judges take the application process very seriously. We advise you to put together a well thought out and neat/professional application. Be very creative but only include required information. Thank you.

Personal Information

Grade in School
Choose one

Document Uploads

This part of your application must be completed on a desktop or laptop computer, in order to upload your Letters of Recommendation and Essay you must upload a PDF file, no larger than 5 MB. If you're unable to submit your application via computer, please bring your complete application and documents to the first meeting.
Letter of Recommendation please upload a PDF file
Letter of Recommendation please upload a PDF file

Interests & Plans

2022 Contest Rules and Regulations “Contestant Contract”

Gifts and Other Incentives

The St. Lucie County Fair will provide the following:

  • A Jacket or Sweater with the St. Lucie County Fair logo embroidered along with the Fair Queen's name and belt buckle with the year or rein.
  • $1,000 scholarship to the college of her choice. This scholarship may be used within two years after graduation.
  • Memorable gift.
  • $400 prize money.
  • $200 prize money.
  • Memorable gift.
  • $100 prize money
  • Memorable gift

  • $50 prize money
  • Memorable gift

The Queen, The Court, and Miss Congeniality will all receive Bouquets of Flowers, Sashes & Tiaras.

Application Requirements

  1. Application Form*
  2. Contestant information*
  3. Contestant’s Contract, Rules and Regulations
  4. Two letters of Reference Explaining Community Involvement*
  5. Proof of current year in school (grade)
  6. $15.00 sponsor fee
  7. A 100 word minimum typed essay on “Why you want to be the St. Lucie County Fair Queen”*

Please note that only the stared* items will be submitted and reviewed by the judges. Any other items will NOT be submitted. Please NO SELF PORTRAITS!

“1 thru 7” must be turned in by the Application Deadline!

Practice Days

Practice is held at:

St. Lucie County Fair Grounds

15601 West Midway Road

Fort Pierce, FL 34945

*** Please enter through the Peacock Road entrance**

Typically, we are in one of the community buildings. We will post a note at the fair office where you can find us.

Parent/Contestant Meeting

Sunday, February 6, 2022 1:00 pm

There will be a notary available that day. Sponsorship fee will be collected on this date.

Regular Practice Schedule

Sunday, February 13, 2022 - 1:00 pm

Sunday, February 20, 2022 - 1:00 pm

Please bring the shirt you are planning on wearing during the contest.

Mandatory Final Practice

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - Time - TBA


Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - 7pm at the Hometown News Center Stage!

********** Practice times and places are subject to change**********


1969 Dru Hilson
1970 Gwendolyn Atkinson
1971 Kay Boree
1972 Penny Hoskins
1973 Emily Cooper
1974 Dee Furst
1975 Kit Bedell
1976 Renee Bryant Boyd
1977 Denise Crist Alman
1978 Cindy Skaggs Williams
1979 Lori Jackson
1980 Janie Vickers Hightower
1981 Carla Barrow
1982 Susan Strangehoener
1983 Debbie Hearn
1984 Wendy Vickers Johns
1985 Patricia Hardman
1986 Tracy Murphy Carlton
1987 Kelly Holmes
1988 Lisa Hamner
1989 Sharman Carter
1990 Kimberly Marsocci
1991 Tracy Groghan Daves

1992 Julie Smith Woodward
1993 Christine Pallas
1994 Wanda Smith
1995 Summer Ivey Platts
1996 Natasha Russakis Rivas
1997 Christie Crooks
1998 Lee Ann Williams
1999 Cherly Waters
2000 Amanda Noelke
2001 Ashley Leet
2002 Lauren Unger
2003 Ashley Vickers
2004 Allyson Hayes
2005 Ashley Ward
2006 Kaitlyn Mulvey
2007 Lee Ann Hamrick Harriman
2008 Jenna Williams
2009 Mariah Singley
2010 Kelci Guettler
2011 Morgan Johnson
2012 Taylor Norvell
2013 Chelsea Prestridge

2014 Allison Russakis
2015 Haley Netherton
2016 Lauren Macon
2017 Nikki Ooley
2018 Kloie Morgan
2019 Brooke Adams
2020 Rhiannon Smith
2021 Emma Grace Chancey

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