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Covid Safety Plan

Strates Shows COVID Plan

This policy shall apply to all employers, employees, contractors, and subcontractors working on the carnival midway at the event site upon which Strates Shows, Inc. is operating. No midway personnel shall be exempt from this policy.
The policy is designed to enhance safety by reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection to workers and patrons.
All midway employees must report any case of suspected COVID-19 to the on-duty Strates Shows operations manager. Any suspected COVID-19 cases, as well as any individuals having close contact (being within 6 feet of a person) with a suspected COVID-19 case, shall be instructed to leave the work site, isolate and seek COVID-19 testing and medical attention.
It is the responsibility of all individuals to exercise personal practices which reduce their likelihood of being infected or passing an infection on to others. To reduce or prevent COVID-19 from entering the workplace, all department heads and employers shall conduct daily pre-opening employee screenings for COVID-19 symptoms and/or irregular (elevated) body temperatures as outlined in this policy.
There are specific policy measures that we can adopt with respect to midway operations that can contribute to the well-being of our fellow workers and patrons. These procedures are identified in their respective sections entitled “Ticket Department / Points of Sale”; “Amusement Ride Operations”, “Food Concessions” and “Game Concessions”.
1. Individual Preventative Measures
All individuals operating on Strates Shows, Inc. midway should exercise practices that minimize exposure to COVID-19 infection.
➢ Maintain at least 6 feet distance between yourself and other people to the maximum extent feasible ➢ Practice respiratory etiquette. Cover your mouth with a tissue or bent elbow when coughing or sneezing and dispose of the soiled tissue in the rubbish bin immediately and wash hands. ➢ Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. ➢ Utilize Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, gloves, face shields, eye protection, etc. ➢ Wash hands with soap and water often and for at least 20 seconds: o Before and after preparing food o Before and after work breaks o After using the restroom
o Before and after eating o After coughing and sneezing o After touching ANY surface that is frequently used by others o After removing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and disposable gloves. ➢ Use hand sanitizers if soap and water is NOT available. ➢ Avoid contact with live animals including poultry and birds. ➢ Avoid contact and consumption of raw and undercooked meats. ➢ Avoid crowded places and close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness. ➢ Avoid sharing food, cutlery, crockery, utensils, and other personal hygiene items. ➢ Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands, kissing and avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes. ➢ Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using detergents or disinfectant cleaning spray or wipes (i.e. screens, keyboards, mouse, chair arms, common areas). ➢ Do not come to work and seek medical attention promptly if you are NOT feeling well. ➢ All individuals present at the daily screenings shall wear face coverings/masks and/or face shields. ➢ Hand sanitizer or washing stations should be available at the point of screenings and all employees shall sanitize their hands prior to entering the midway area. ➢ If a person has tested positive for COVID-19 by a medical professional, they may not return to work until they produce a negative test result and receive clearance from a medical doctor to resume work. A person confirmed with COVID-19 will be monitored by state health authorities during their isolation period and should follow the guidelines provided.
2. Daily Employee Screenings
➢ Employee screenings are to identify and eliminate from the daily workforce any employee that exhibit any symptoms which are commonly encountered with the COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 symptoms are listed in this document. The screenings will be conducted by Strates Shows department heads and all contractors/employers daily prior to an employee beginning work. ➢ Social distancing will be observed at all times during daily employee screenings. ➢ All Employees shall be temperature screened daily prior to entering the midway. The temperature screening shall be conducted using a medical grade, non-touch IR thermometer (such as iHealth PT3 Forehead Thermometer) aimed at the center of the forehead from a distance of approximately three feet or as recommended by the manufacturer. Individuals who test above 100.4 degrees may have an opportunity to retest after resting isolated for a period of time in the shade to avoid radiant heat. Any employee who tests above 100.4 degrees shall be instructed to return home, isolate, and consult a physician. ➢ The employee may re-enter the workforce only when there is reasonable assurance, they pose no health hazard to others, but no sooner than two days after they last show a temperature reading above 100.4 degrees F. ➢ The Daily Employee Screening shall be recorded on the form and kept on file until the end of calendar year 2020.
3. Ticket Department / Points of Sale
➢ All ticket department personnel shall undergo daily employee screening. ➢ Ticket positions shall be placed no closer than six feet apart at their closest point. ➢ Ticket sellers should wear gloves while on duty. ➢ Employees in cash handling positions shall wear face masks, gloves, and eye protection while operating bill counting machines. ➢ Ticket sellers must wear masks any time they are performing duties while NOT enclosed within the ticket box. ➢ Hand Sanitizer will be available to allow ticket sellers to frequently sanitize their hands. ➢ Marks shall be placed on the ground six feet apart to identify the safe social distancing positions for patrons standing in line. ➢ Signage will be placed near the central ticket box points of sale with COVID-19 recommendations for the patrons. ➢ The Ticket Department in coordination with the Ride Department shall periodically disinfect the Datalogic Scanning Guns used in the ticket department using either a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol or a household bleach solution (5-6% sodium hypochlorite)1/2 cup bleach diluted in 1 gallon of water, as recommended by the manufacturer. Disinfection should take place when guns are initially issued for the day, any time the scanner gun operator changes throughout the day and at the time they are checked-in at the end of an operating day. ➢ All common surfaces, such as ticket box counters, tables, etc. shall be disinfected approximately every 30 minutes during operating hours.
4. Amusement Ride Operations
➢ All ride operators must wear face coverings and/or face shields while on duty. ➢ All rides shall have marks on the ground identifying positions for patrons to stand in line while awaiting ride boarding. ➢ Ride gondolas and tubs may only be loaded to capacity if there is greater than six feet between ride tubs, measured from the nearest rider compartment areas of adjacent tubs. Rides which do not have six feet between tubs must be loaded to a reduced capacity to allow for at least six feet between patrons in adjacent tubs. ➢ Patrons within a single group may choose to ride amusement rides together in such a way that does not include social distancing within their group, but patrons in separate groups shall not be loaded together in a single ride “tub”. ➢ Carousels and other rides which have single seat ride “tubs”, shall be loaded in such a manner to provide at least six feet between separate group of patrons. For example, a mother with two children may be loaded on side by side carousel horses, but there must be six feet between them and any other individual or group of riders. ➢ On walk-through funhouses, slides, inflates and other amusement rides which have patrons “flowing through” the attraction, the ride operator should ask the patrons to maintain social distancing between groups and may control the rate of admission to the attraction to control the flow to prevent a situation where social distancing is impossible due to insufficient space in the attraction to maintain appropriate social distancing. ➢ All amusement rides shall be disinfected using a CDC approved disinfectant prior to operations each day
➢ All amusement rides shall have commonly touched components disinfected no less than once per operating hour. ➢ Midway signage shall be provided and conspicuously placed which recommends patrons sanitize their hands before and after riding any amusement ride. The signage shall also recommend that all patrons wear face coverings while attending the carnival.
5. Food Concessionaires
➢ Food concessions shall meet or exceed all regular health department regulations regarding food preparation and food handling. ➢ All food concession personnel must wear face coverings and/or face shields while on duty. ➢ All food concession personnel shall wear gloves while handling or serving food. ➢ Procedures will be established to separate the functions of food preparation/handling and cash handling. ➢ All food concession personnel will strive to maintain as much social distancing as is practical while inside a food concession trailer. ➢ Marks will be placed on the ground identifying safe social distancing for patrons standing in line (six feet apart). ➢ Hand sanitizer will be made available at each food concession for patron use. ➢ All common surfaces accessible for customers will be disinfected no less than once per operating hour. ➢ Disinfectant shall be stored in a properly marked container to prevent its misuse. ➢ All food concessions shall disinfect all common surfaces with a CDC approved disinfectant prior to opening each day, hourly throughout the day and upon closing each day. ➢ Food vendors shall only provide individually prepackaged condiments.
6. Game Concessionaires
➢ It is the responsibility of the relevant business / organization to have adequate and suitable PPE available at points of use. ➢ All game concession personnel must wear face coverings and/or face shields while on duty. ➢ All game concession personnel should strive to maintain six feet between them and another employee in the same game concession. ➢ Marks will be placed on the ground identifying safe social distancing for patrons standing in line (six feet apart). ➢ Hand sanitizer will be made available at each game concession for patron use. ➢ All common surfaces accessible by employees and customers should be cleaned daily with a CDC approved disinfectant before operations, prior to opening daily, no less frequently than once per hour throughout the day and upon closing each day. ➢ Any game equipment or implement touched by customers should be disinfected with a CDC approved disinfectant prior to each subsequent use (such as balls, darts, etc.) ➢ Disinfectant shall be stored in a properly marked container to prevent its misus
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