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Updated: 02/05/18 (not updated for 2019 fair)

This page is meant for reference purposes only, rides and requirements listed may be changed at any time and without any notice given.  Additional requirements including health requirements may exist for any given ride, please check the signage at the ride.  The final decision as to whether someone may board a ride rests solely with the ride operator.

46" minimum
42" minimum
Construction Zone
36" minimum
Cuckoo Haus
42" minimum
1yr & up w/adult or 36" alone
Dizzy Dragon
36" minimum
Dream Wheel
56" mimimum unless accompanied by an adult
Dual Slide Inflate
36" minimum, 76" maximum
52" minimum
Euro Bungee
20lb minimum, 220lb maximum
Family Swinger
42" minimum outside seat, 36" minimum inside seat
Fireball (Larson)
48" minimum
Giant Wheel
48" minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Haunted Mansion
42" minimum, 36" minimum with an adult
Heavy Haulin' Inflate
34" minimum, 76" maximum
42" minimum, 36" minimum with an adult
Jungle Walk
36" minimum
King's Circus
42" minimum
Krazy Kars
42" minimum
40" minimum, 60" maximum
Mini Tea Cups
36" minimum unless accompanied
Monkey Maze
36" minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Musik Express
52" minimum and age 8+, 78" maximum
Niagra Slide
44" minimum
Paddle Boats Inflate
36" minimum, 48" maximum
34" minimum, 54" maximum
Quad Runner
34" minimum, 54" maximum
42" minimum, 36" to 42" may ride with an adult
Rock Star
42" minimum, 300lb maximum
Scooter (Bumper Cars)
48" minimum to drive, 42" minimum to ride
Sea Ray
56" minimum alone, 48" minimum with an adult
Showtown Merry-Go-Round
42" minimum unless accompanied by an adult
34" minimum, 54" maximum
Silver Streak
48" minimum, 79" maximum
52" minimum, 42" may ride with an adult
Sky Flyer
48" minimum, 79" maximum
Starship 2000
42" minimum
Super Slide 1
42" minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Super Slide 2
42" minimum, 36" minimum with an adult
42" minimum
34" minimum, 54" maximum
Treasure Island
34" minimum, 54" maximum
Wacky Worm
42" minimum, 36" minimum may ride with an adult
Zero Gravity
42" minimum, 77" maximum
48" minimum
Zyklon Roller Coaster
56" minimum, over 209lbs must ride alone
over 72" must fit properly in restraints
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