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The St Lucie County Fair Association is a volunteer based 501c3 non-profit organization. If you would like to volunteer your time please fill out the form below. There are many areas of the fair open to volunteer in and we are accommodating of individual schedules and needs.

St Lucie County school students may also earn volunteer hours when volunteering during the fair. While we do encourage everyone to volunteer if you are under 18 and not participating in school volunteer hours please be aware insurance requirements may restrict your participation.

If you are under 18 please list your age.
Please let us know any areas you may be interested in volunteering in.
If you have any previous volunteer experience in this area. Previous experience is not required.
When you are available to volunteer. The fair is opens at 4pm Monday thru Friday and at noon on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are available prior to gate open please let us know. Some areas also look for volunteers for setup help prior to the fair.
Anything else you think we should know or comments.

Submitting this form is an offer to volunteer at the St Lucie County Fair, the submission does not indicate acceptance of your offer. Volunteers may be required to pass a background check, your offer to volunteer indicates your willingness to submit to such a check. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Saint Lucie County Fair Association