Application for Commercial Display Space

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Ex. 30ft x 20ft
The St Lucie County Fair does not allow Pop-Up Tents. All non-rented tents must be approved by the fair and be properly anchored.
Ex. 10ft x 10ft
in Amps

Additional Information

No application will be accepted unless a complete list of EVERY product you wish to sell is listed.
You must either upload a photo of your display with this application or email to [email protected]

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If you are granted space you will need to meet our insurance requirements and provide a liability insurance certificate listing the St Lucie County Fair Association, Inc and the St Lucie County Board of County Commissioners as additional insured.


Submission of this form does not create a contract to provide space with the St Lucie County Fair Association.

Form Submission:

By submitting this form you indicate that you agree to comply with all of the rules and regulations of the St Lucie County Fair for display and vendor space.